November 15, 2018


Name Tom Reid Email Category Webinars



A Sustained Leader must be a Constant Learner

Heraclitus of Ephesus knew in the fifth century BC that the only constant in the universe is change. The sustained leader must be ever-vigilant in anticipating and recognizing important changes and responding to them. Will the sustained leader drive the inevitable changes, or will his or her team be relegated to playing catch-up—to being reactive, rather than proactive? One of the strengths of sustained leaders is the recognition that not only the members of the team, but the leaders themselves, must be in a constant state of learning. Whether that learning is related to technology or the latest business trends, sustained leaders must constantly work to improve their character, their competence, their compassion, their communication skills, and their level of commitment. This takes dedication and requires the devotion of significant time and attention to personal development. This webinar will stress the importance of constant learning and review a variety of ways that the sustained leader can continue to gather more information, knowledge, and wisdom throughout their lives. Every adult has pretty much solidified their preferred learning style, so the effort becomes one of channeling an individual’s needs into that learning style to maximize the benefit of the time spent in being a constant learner.