“So, why should a new leadership book be worthy of capturing our attention…? The answer is Tom Reid’s new dynamic approach to defining and measuring leadership. His treatise implements a unique project management method based on the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) concept to outline 229 essential elements of leadership. This idea is conceptually simple, yet brilliant in its execution. The result is the creation of a lexicon that can well serve as a common ‘measuring stick’ where leadership can be discussed, learned, and assessed via a common language.” – JOHN B. WYATT III, JD, Professor of Finance, Real Estate, and Law; California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, California

Praise From The Pros

“I am in total agreement with you that many (most?) of the world’s problems are the result of failure of leadership, some by omission and some, sadly, by commission…. congratulations on a huge effort and an outstanding product.” -Norman R. Augustine

“Tom Reid’s Sustained Leadership WBS is the first comprehensive identification and assessment of the critical elements essential to lead people and organizations for sustained success. The graphic decomposition of the knowledge, skills and competencies makes this a practical learning tool for the seasoned leader as well as the aspiring novice. Thanks, Tom.” –Daniel M. Jacobs, Chairman/CEO The Federal Market Group

“I used a variety of leadership training materials and texts in my years as a college dean, but I have never seen anything even approaching Sustained Leadership WBS, with its encyclopedic view of all the various elements—229 of them—that contribute to becoming, sustaining, and developing oneself as a leader. Bravo to Tom Reid for producing a useful textbook on leadership!” –Dr. David Stameshkin, Associate Dean (retired) Franklin & Marshall College

“Sustained Leadership WBS is a scholarly, but easy to read treatment of various leadership principles and philosophies. Tom’s concentration on “sustained” leadership, and his attendant work breakdown structure (WBS) to achieve “sustained” leadership, can be very useful tool for both those already in leadership positions and potential leaders. Well done.”- Len Vincent RADM USN (RET). Formerly Commander, Defense Contract Management Command (DCMC) and Commandant, Defense Systems Management College (DSMC)


Thomas Reid is a frequently sought speaker and instructor of complex subjects.

“Tom displayed excellent knowledge of the subject. Class was interesting and moved along at a good pace.”

“Good presentation skills; very knowledgeable on subject matter.”

“This was one of the most effective courses I’ve taken recently.”


“Instructor was very experienced in the subject matter and also in training and presentation techniques. Answered individual questions effectively.”

“Good sense of humor; case studies very helpful as well as exercises.”

“I appreciated the way Tom took a very dry subject matter and kept all students involved. Very well put together presentation/instruction. Tom did a great job of maintaining his professional stance despite some students who were late/disruptive and who refused to learn. I learned important information which I will take with me into my job.”

“Outstanding well-rounded instructor. Was able to go off course to fully answer a question, then come right back to the subject. Instructor well prepared and course flowed very logically. Even though the subject is complex and intertwined I was able to keep track. Good job.”

Amazon Reviews

“A masterful work by an attorney who has spent his lifetime developing leaders in the field of federal acquisition. Whether you are embarking on your contracts/subcontracts career, or a seasoned professional seeking guidance as to how to succeed in management, this book is must-read guidance. It will help you navigate the often-confusing world of management in the twenty-first century, and give you the tools you need to ensure a bright and satisfying future.”

“Every successful project has a work breakdown structure. This WBS process should be included in the project of making yourself a good leader and maintaining that skill. This book is essential for your own career development from a well-known expert in the field.”