Online Leadership Development Program

Creating the Best Version of YOU:
The Secret to Leadership Development that Works

Have you noticed that we still have too many non-leaders filling leadership roles despite extensive literature, training, college degrees, think tanks, and so much else to draw on for leadership development?

Is your career stalled because of a lack of quality leadership development opportunities?
Did you know that most people will gain their first leadership position 12 years before their employer provides the first leadership development course?

What if you could energize your personal leadership journey right now?

I was confronted with these same issues. Why were we continuing to see non-leaders filling leadership positions while some sustained leaders were buried deep within the organization?

I asked a simple question – If I were to build myself into a sustained leader, how would I do that? Borrowing from the tools of project management and through extensive surveys and self-study, I concluded that both leadership development and leadership selection were badly broken.

Thus began the effort that led to Sustained Leadership WBS – the first leadership development program that provides a personalized approach to YOUR development – not the same topics every year so you can check a box fulfilling (meaningless) leadership development training requirements.

The fundamentals that will kick start or energize your leadership journey are now available online to pursue at your pace and convenience. And to celebrate our 20th year in business – it is available at a reduced rate AND with a special 20th Anniversary discount.

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This Online Leadership Development Program Includes:

  • Learn the 229 elements of leadership (I bet you’ve only been trained in a few of them – over and over again!)
  • Learn the lexicon of leadership development so that everyone speaks the same language
  • Conduct a self-analysis to identify where YOU need development
  • Learn how to find mentors and accountability partners to spurn your growth
  • Discover the importance of good character and its imperative as a leader
  • Improve your communication and compassion skills and techniques
  • Create a structured PERSONAL plan for YOUR leadership development that will show positive short-term benefits.


This curriculum is derived from a series of webinars that were presented over a two-year period. There are 24 hours of video training, homework assignments that will require you to take positive steps in your leadership journey, special exercises, and strong motivation to keep you focused and disciplined in pursuit of your journey.

Who wouldn’t want to find ways to create the best possible version of yourself? Face it – no one is exactly like you. No one has your particular set of strengths and needs. So why is everyone put through a cookie-cutter approach to leadership development? This course will give you the methods, the process, the thinking exercises, and so much more that takes you from wherever you are in your leadership journey, even if you feel that you are at the starting line, and creates a customized development path for YOU.

And, of course, you are thinking this class is like a college-level program that would cost $1500 to $3000. And it is certainly worth that if it improves your career and promotion potential. We are serious about helping to develop a global supply of leadership candidates – one leader at a time. Are you one of them?

For this reason, we have set the price for this extensive program at $497 for the full set of classes, lectures, training, tools, and exercises. But it gets better.