October 18, 2018


Name Tom Reid Email treid@certifiedksolutions.com Category Webinars



A Sustained Leader must be Committed to the Vision

Leaders with no vision have no direction in which to lead their team, and will cause those around them to question whether they are truly leading, or merely filling a leadership role. A sustained leader must formulate the fundamental reason for the existence of the team and the mission it was created to fulfill. Once the vision is set, the sustained leader must be fully and unequivocally dedicated to achieving it. He or she must communicate it at every opportunity, and nurture its acceptance by all of the stakeholders or interested parties who might support or hinder its achievement. Sustained leaders must be able to build a strategy and formulate goals, action plans, and metrics for tracking progress toward the vision. This webinar will cover the many aspects of creating and sustaining a team vision, and the need to remain focused and disciplined in seeing that vision become a reality.