July 19, 2018


Name Tom Reid Email treid@certifiedksolutions.com Category Webinars



A Sustained Leader must be Competent

Everyone brings a different set of competencies to their personal leadership journey. Some are great at math and science; others hold Ph.Ds. in English or the humanities. Some people are great plumbers or artists, while others excel in management of bureaucracies or things. No leader will be adept at everything, and there is no reason they need to be.  On the other hand, people choose to follow leaders who can demonstrate competence in something that is relevant to the organization and its vision, mission, and goals. You have to be capable and competent in something meaningful to your co-workers to have the credibility that others will demand, before they agree to be led by you. This webinar will explore the many aspects of competence, how it is demonstrated, and how it is assessed by your followers.  A sustained leader must be a constant learner, continually enhancing their competence, and continuing to earn the title of leader. As technology advances at an ever-increasing rate, learning how to learn can be a key discriminator between the sustained leader and those who merely fill a leadership position.