January 17, 2019


Name Tom Reid Email treid@certifiedksolutions.com Category Webinars



A Sustained Leader must be Decisive

Choices are a perennial aspect of life. What we wear, what we eat, where we go, where we live, the car we drive, how we entertain ourselves, and where the kids will go to school reflect just a few of the spectrum of decisions that continuously occupy our minds. Many of these are simple and obvious. Many are influenced by personal tastes and perceived societal norms. But not all influences are positive, and some decisions can be self-defeating or even fatal. How do you avoid the “paralysis by analysis” syndrome? What are some ways to consider the many options that might be presented? How do you document or justify your decision as being “reasonable?” Given that your crystal ball is probably on the fritz and you will never have 100% of the information you would like to have, how do you decide when you have enough information to make a reasoned decision? Make a positive decision to attend this webinar, where these and other aspects of being a decisive sustained leader will be presented.