February 21, 2019


Name Tom Reid Email treid@certifiedksolutions.com Category Webinars



A Sustained Leader must be Disciplined and Focused

In a world of multi-tasking, 1000-channel TVs, and “faster, better, cheaper,” it can be extremely difficult to maintain any sense of focus. There are just too many things vying for our attention. And when you realize that 32% of people’s New Year’s resolutions are broken before the second week, it is probably fair to say that a great many of us are not very disciplined, and find it hard to stay focused even on self-improvement goals. We know what needs to be done. We resolve to fix things—and then we abandon ship. How does a sustained leader overcome this pressure, maintain discipline, and focus on the things that need our undivided and disciplined attention? In this webinar, we will discuss the nature of distractions, how our own self-talk is the largest source of derailment (who do you think might be best positioned to control that?), and how discipline is a direct reflection of one’s character. We will also offer some advice on the Winchester Philosophy.