December 20, 2018


Name Tom Reid Email Category Webinars



A Sustained Leader must be Situationally Aware

Just as the world changes continuously, specific situations are also constantly in flux. No two situations are ever identical, and sustained leaders learn to remain astute, to continually improve their observational capabilities, and to accurately assess the similarities and the differences in every situation they encounter. By staying informed, observing their environment carefully, being students of human nature and behavior, developing the ability to create order out of chaos, and by accurately determining the relevant importance of situations and events, the sustained leader starts out far ahead of the average person in determining the proper actions to be taken—both proactively and reactively. This webinar will provide an overview of the importance of quick and accurate situational assessment, and the ways in which this skill affects sustained leadership. It will also provide some tools and exercises to help you improve this aspect of your leadership journey.