September 20, 2018


Name Tom Reid Email Category Webinars



A Sustained Leader must Communicate Well

Communication is a skill that can be learned. From asking great questions to listening actively and empathetically, sustained leaders must master communication skills. Very few people are considered great communicators. Too many people make little or no effort to hone their communication skills, regularly spew nonsense on social media, remain terrified of public speaking, or waste their time telling others how to build a clock in response to being asked for the time of day. The sustained leader must have a vision AND be able to communicate it effectively to a variety of stakeholders in a number of forums and styles—whether in writing, orally, or via gestures and body language. The sustained leader must build the team by managing difficult conversations, refereeing disputes within the team, being persuasive when choices must be made, and conveying decisiveness when a direction has been chosen. This webinar will explore the many aspects of communication, and the ways in which sustained leaders can enhance their communication skills to carry them further in their leadership journey.