March 21, 2019


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A Sustained Leader Must Develop Other Leaders

The literature is very clear: one of the highest callings of a leader is to develop other leaders. Bob Hope, the legendary comedian, loved America and especially its service men and women. He once said, “America’s greatest natural resource has always been her people. In times of crisis, this nation always finds the leaders to guide her through.” Yet if you look across society today, it is quite obvious that our major societal institutions (business, government, and charities) are greatly lacking in competent leadership. The blame for that has to fall on generations of previous leaders who failed to develop the next generation of leaders at any level. In his recent book Leadership BS, Jeffrey Pfeffer suggests that we have lost the formula for leadership development and, consequently, for leadership selection. If the current sustained leaders do not focus on developing other leaders, the ranks of sustained leaders will shrink further. If we are to remain the flagship of excellence, this situation must be rectified, and a strong focus put on leadership development, immediately. This webinar will discuss the impediments to, and the best practices for, sustained leadership development.