August 16, 2018


Name Tom Reid Email Category Webinars



A Sustained Leader must have Compassion

It has been said that a person leads people and manages things. That’s because the people who choose to follow you exhibit an independence of will and perspective never found in “things.” People are human beings, and not objects, or human “capital” or “resources.” Just as you do, they come to your team with their own full complement of traits, characteristics, and idiosyncrasies. To be an effective leader, you must understand them as human beings, with all the baggage they bring from their life experiences and situations. Not every person in a leadership role is naturally compassionate, yet sustained leadership demands that you nurture your own capacity for compassion and empathy to lead effectively. This webinar will introduce those aspects of theSustained Leadership WBS that deal with compassion, and provide you with several resources and tools to enhance your ability to lead people of all types and temperaments. This webinar will also provide you with information on making your team function more cohesively, with greater efficiency and productivity.