May 24, 2018


Name Tom Reid Email Category Webinars



Why are our Historical Perspectives on Leadership Failing us?

For the entire history of man there have been leaders. From the earliest days of “might makes right” through leadership theories of trait, behavior, contingency, situational, and continuing to today where theories of influence (such as transformational and servant-leader) are popular, we have struggled to define and understand leadership. Our historical perspectives have not helped us understand how to conduct successful leadership development, and as a consequence, have not shown us how to select sustained leaders for leadership positions. (Just look around!) This webinar will provide the context for sustained leadership, and will help you understand what has been missing from leadership development. As a result, it will better prepare you to recognize the building blocks that are the foundation of your own leadership abilities and opportunities. And as a sustained leader, you will be better prepared to share these insights with your team, as you, and they, collectively work to develop new leaders.