A Work Breakdown Structure for Sustained Leadership

A Work Breakdown Structure for Sustained Leadership

Way back (in the olden days!) when the concept of Sustained Leadership WBS was taking shape, a tremendous amount of study and reading had gone into understanding what leadership was, how it was understood by most people, and why it seemed to be so lacking in the major institutions of society. What stood out was that whenever you brought up the topic of leadership, everyone had their own unique definition. Certainly, there was overlap, but an effort to condense it into a simplistic catchall always left a great deal lacking.

Simplicity that is Too Simplistic

The seven habits, the one thing, and all you need to know were helpful – as far as they went – but always left so much out that most people only perceive a shell of what leadership, in all its richness and fullness really is.

Many years of intense study taught me many things. Among them were the concepts of  becoming the best version of yourself, being able to assess yourself honestly and gaining followers. Leadership, it seems, has much more to do with what goes on inside of you than what affect you have on those around you.

Attracting the Wrong Traits

Leadership seems to attract the narcissist, the hubristic ass, and the power hungry egoist. And for very selfish reasons, we rewarded those traits and made leadership an even murkier concept. In the process, both leadership development and leadership selection got broken.

The Best Possible Version of You

My goal was simple – Help make people the best possible versions of themselves, give them a road map for achieving that, and find ways to guide them to a happier life. Part of that was to put as many resources as possible into the hands of those who need it, who want it, and who will take advantage of it. That is you.


The book is, of course, a primary resource. This blog and the monthly newsletter are others. Another one that has gotten less notice is a monthly one-hour webinar that has been going on since April of 2018. Each one was recorded and is available for you to review at your leisure as often as you would like.

The First Webinar

The very first one addresses the concepts of sustained leadership and explains what a work breakdown structure is. Learn what sustained leadership means, and how you can use the project management tool of a work breakdown structure to guide your personal development. Another tool to help you become the best possible version of yourself.

Access the webinar here.

With an extensive career in government contracting, Tom has found many examples, both good and bad, of leadership. These posts are based on his latest book, Sustained Leadership WBS, published by Morgan James. Tom is available to speak to your team on the importance of developing sustained leaders.


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